Bridging the Cultures

Spring Retreat of the South Dakota Synod of the ELCA.

Tuesday, April 2 through Thursday, April 4.


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Bold Reformer, Bold Leader

Katie Luther (2) RETREAT

South Dakota women gathered on Saturday, Mar. 16 for a retreat at Horseshoe K Ranch north of Kimball, led by Margie Neugebauer of Chamberlain.

“Hear of Margie and Pastor Duane Neugebauer’s trip to Germany and Lutherland. View pictures of Lutherland. Video: “Morning Star of Wittenberg,” Insights on Leadership from Women of the Bible, Fellowship and Hymns” said the retreat poster.

And, that is what happened. It was a day filled with exploring the life and times of Katharine von Bora Luther the wife of Martin Luther, Bible study, discussion, singing, plenty of laughter and great food.

The Bible study presented eight readings and asked the questions: What is God calling the woman leader to do? What are the people doing? What is God doing? What is God calling you to do?

Breaking into two-person groups, we studied our readings, and then took turns explaining our thoughts and finds to the rest of the group. Timid at first, we were loudly laughing at the end. The message was: If we believe in our faith, we need to do something about it.


In no particular order: Margie, Sheryn, Joyce, Dixie, Kay, Gloria, Shirley, Marcia, Gloria, Maria

The pictures Margie showed of her and Pastor Duane’s trip were marvelous! We were all wising we could go on their next visit in 2014.

The information on Katharina von Bora Luther was enlightening and inspiring.

We learned that Martin Luther, Johannes Bugenhagen and Philipp Melanchthon worked as a troika (set of three). Bugenhagen was pastor to Luther at St. Mary’s Church in Wittenberg. Melanchthon was a man of the pen and a very good friend of Luther.

Katie von Bora Luther was the only women at the Table Talks held in the Luther home. She controlled who was invited to the meals that preceeded the Table Talks. Luther engaged her in discussion.

When Luther died he left his estate to her – unheard of in that day. An estate was left to the male children.

Katie von Bora Luther supported her husband’s theology of no indulgences, no purgatory, the priesthood of believers created a direct line to God, and she encouraged people to read their Bible.

The name of the video for this retreat was “The Morning Star of Wittenberg,” Martin’s name for Katie.

It was a wonderful day!


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Bold Women Day

What is your Women of the ELCA organization doing in recognition of Bold Women Day?

Read about what the women at Joy Lutheran in Prescott, Wisconsin, did for Bold Women Day.

News & Events, Women of the ELCA.

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Offering up prayers for Joy Nelson and her sister, Janet Endres, upon the death this morning (Feb. 14) of their mother, Carol Nelson. Funeral services are pending.

The Open House scheduled for this Sunday to honor Joy Nelson as recipient of ALDE’s “Spirit of Giving” award has been postponed. Once determined, the new date will be posted on our website and announced via E-news.

Please join us in praying for the Nelson family at this difficult time.

– as seen on the SD Synod web page


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Synodical Convention

Mark your calendars. Women of the ELCA Synodical Convention.

June 21 – 22, 2013. Sioux Falls.

Details to follow.


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Bold Connections – a monthly e-newsletter that features the latest news and information about Women of the ELCA programs and activities. Bold Connections is delivered via e-mail toward the end of the month. Follow the link to receive Bold Connections.

Cafe’ – an on-line magazine for young adult women interested in how faith relates to the issues women face today.

Interchange – a downloadable monthly leadershipo newsletter sent by regular mail or available as a download at the link. Especially for Women of the ELCA leaders in congregational units, synodical organizations, and clusters and conferences.

Gather Magazine – a print magazine containing a bible study and articles on topics of interest. Follow the link for a subscription.


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Let’s Do the Math

Linda Bushkofsky, Executive Director of Women of the ELCA, writes about women as synod bishops in her latest blog post, Let’s Do the Math.


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